7 Things Every APC And PDP supporter Have In Common

I do not frequent this section that often because the amount of insults that get distributed here like it’s an IDP camp but it is hard not to notice certain trends and behavioral patterns from the “comments” of threads from the political section that make it to the FP. And that’s a lot

Despite how our APC and PDP supporters like to make it seem like they are any “different” from each other, they actually share LOTS of similarities. Let’s point them out, shall we?

1) Their comments are often half thought: The minute a thread that has Buhari, APC or PDP in it’s title created, many of their supporters rush in to either “book space” or drop some irrelevant comment that has NOTHING to do with the topic. Even if the op is trying to make some sense or trying to point out the incompetence of our leaders, they will rush to defend or abuse the op instead of the topic. The result of this is unnecessary bantering that leads nowhere and whatever message was trying to be delivered never gets addressed.

2) They all support and defend corruption and corrupt leaders: This is the most interesting part of it all. Despite the fact that PDP basically shared all of Nigeria’s funds among themselves, were unable to put adequate infrastructure in place, have members who have been “accused” of several crimes etc you will still find several people supporting and even hoping of voting them back into power if given the chance. As long as the person is from their tribe or state, they offer their unwavering support.

APC supporters feel everyone in PDP are all corrupt. That is until they join APC. Funny enough, most APC politicians looted served under PDP during the 16 years of one of the world’s greatest looting in the history of democracy. To APC members, whoever decamps become an automatic saint and does not deserve to be probed.

3) They benefit nothing for their efforts: There are several rumors that most of these supporters get paid to post in support of some particular officers. However, we still have not heard any of our nairaland politics section e-warriors getting any political appointment. If there any, I personally have not heard of them.

4) They offer no solution to Nigeria’s problems: And most of them are actually what is wrong with Nigeria. Their comments are based on emotional, tribalistic and ignorant premises. They support the same people who have robbed them blind and obviously have not heard Femi Kuti’s hit, “Dem bobo!”

5) Some of the people who support these politicians do not even live in Nigeria: They have access to 24 hour electricity, cheap data plans, a working infrastructure, don chop belleful so they think it is alright to say whatever they like. Afterall, they do not stand on fuel queues, do not have to bribe the police before they can lay a complaint, do not have to consult Sango, Ifa or the holy spirit before going to the market or deal with prices of products that have risen like ijebu garri

6) The rest are stuck in the situation: The rest of you who all think they have learnt the new data cheat still have to queue at your neighbor’s house or at the nearest barbing salon or at a restaurant to charge your devices after enjoying a meal of tomatoless concoction jollof rice with HOT water(no light na). Kontunu

7) They are all insignificant in the eyes of the politicians they support: Before elections, politicians will promise heaven, take photos with the “masses”, give promises and then right after the elections will ban these same people from doing business, cancel their promises or develop amnesia about them. To them, these masses are only standing in the way of their loot and the overall well being of their kids who will benefit from these looted funds.

SOURCE: nigeriabreakingnews.com.ng


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