Mob beat okada man to near death after he snatched baby from mother in Lagos [PHOTOS]

okada beaten1

There was panic around Beckleys Estate, Abule Egba, Lagos State on Wednesday as a man was beaten to the point of death for allegedly stealing a female child.

The yet-to-be identified chubby man was said to have snatched the child while she was walking on the street with her mum, jumped on his bike (okada) and rode away.

The mother of the child swiftly raised the alarm as the thief grabbed her child.

Passersby and bikers gave him a hot chase and when the man realized that many people were chasing him, he threw the child from the bike.

The man purportedly thought that by throwing the child off his bike, the mob would stop the chase.

The irate mob, however, didn’t relent; they eventually caught up with him and meted jungle justice on him.okada beaten2

But for the intervention of policemen from Oko Oba Division, the suspect would have died as he lost a lot of blood.
The policemen took him away and the child who sustained injuries was taken to an unidentified hospital.

A police officer who didn’t want his name mentioned in print, told newsmen the suspect would be investigated thoroughly.okada beaten3



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